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10 Celebrity Makeup Artists

As you gaze at the star-studded award ceremonies, you must have asked yourself how your favorite stars can look that good. Sashaying the red carpet in their perfect Cinderella-styled gowns, they are an image to behold. But there is more beyond the jewels and designer dresses the celebs flaunt; it is really the makeup artists behind the scenes who make them look flawless.

In an age when platforms like Instagram have made it possible for us to get closer to celebrities than ever before, you can emulate their looks anywhere and everywhere. Your job becomes easier when you follow their makeup artists on Instagram. Every movie or pop star has a favorite makeup artist; someone who he or she can rely on for an appearance at a premiere or a photo shoot. Follow these celebrity makeup artists to get ideas about how to look your best every time you step outside. These celebrity makeup artists charge a fair price for their services. Many artists now accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment. Bitcoin, as it has grown in popularity as a form of digital currency, is widely employed by a variety of traders. Auto-trading robots, such as Bitcoin Gemini krypto-bot, are commonly used to trade it, as these bots use in-built algorithms to make excellent trading selections.

Top 10 celebrity makeup artists:

  1. Pat McGrath: For those who absolutely adore fashion runway looks, Pat McGrath is who you should start following right way. He is an icon in the fashion world credited for creating the most avant-garde looks ever. He is known for his out-of-the-box makeup creations and use of bold color splashes.
  2. Mario Dedivanovic: He is the man responsible for Kim Kardashian’s iconic looks, whether it is her polished makeup appearance or her killer body.
  3. Hugo Vanngo: He has been hailed as the “king of makeup” with an impressive list of clients that include the likes of Selena Gomez and Gigi Hadid. His creations are both stunning and unique. You can follow him on Instagram to access his feed on beauty and makeup tips.
  4. Pauline Briscoe: She has been working for many years for celebs like Jennifer Hudson and Kelly Rowland. Now, she has also started sharing beauty and makeup ideas on Insta and her YouTube channel.
  5. Mary Greenwell: Mary Greenwell has been a veteran in the makeup world, painting faces of ultra glamorous women like Princess Diana. She also caters to Hollywood A-listers like Amanda Seyfried and Cate Blanchett.
  6. Joy Adenugau: The most striking thing about this celeb makeup artist’s creations is the eyes. She is known for coming up with the most exquisite eye makeup, enhancing the eye shape and color. Her false lashes have been a huge hit; she has started using pro brushes now. So, follow her to stay in tune with the latest eye makeup tricks.
  7. Pony: This South Korean makeup artist has an incredibly large fan following because her makeup application skills are a class apart. Fashionistas follow her on YouTube and Instagram to get makeup ideas.
  8. Sir John: He is the man behind Beyonce’s iconic looks and remains one of the most sought after makeup artists ever. You can take a peek at his Instagram feed which is filled with celebrity images and makeup pictures behind-the-scenes.
  9. Lisa Eldridge: She has more than a million followers on Instagram and a big hit with her YouTube channel. She is the makeup artists behind celebrities like Keira Knightley and Emma Roberts.
  10. Matthew Van Leeuwen: He has almost 47.5k followers and credited with creating the eye-catchy looks for Ellen Pompeo, Salma Hayek, and Debra Messing, amongst others. You can look at his feed for inspiration and feast your eyes on some out-of-the-world red carpet looks.